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Eventixmedia values communication, and a person or organization who value communication make every second memorable or full of lessons. Eventixmedia, being enthusiastic to explore something new every other day in this 21st century where each day brings a new boom in digital world, provides the facilities of this century from SEO to web designing to mobile development to let everyone listen your thoughts either in the form of words or pictures or videos who need them in the form of your services which needs voice. That voice is provided by us.


Software development is the core of our workplace. We have complete team of software developers who have expertise in latest coding languages and back and frond end framework which they use to design your chosen or customized software by following a complete life cycle of crafting an application.


Eventixmedia is not a workplace. It is not a software house. It is software home because alike thinkers live there and give importance to emotions. And home is the only place where emotions are worthier than money. That’s the reason why communication and communication gap matter for us! It is our motive and it is our philosophy to eradicate this gap and let every voice echo the most to reach the needy ones!

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